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Belgium, Bonds, Baguettes

In case you hoped getting to know what BBB rating really stands for, this is not the right post to find out. This one will give you an overview of this week‘s bond-concerned ongoings in the EU, ranging from madness … Continue reading

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European Banks will sort it all out…

… will they? This week Brussels plans that European Banks are the ones to finance the European Fonds for instable countries. The security fond EFSF already keeps some bn750$ – European tax payers money.

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Estonia introduces Euro as main currency 1/1/2011

Is Estonia embracing the new currency or are they having restraints? In this blog post you will learn about the advantages of the new replacement for the traditional Estonian Kroon, former national currency.

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Germany’s Mid Sized Companies content. Are they?

Status quo makes entrepreneuers happy, future is heralded positively. Others see it a bit more dismal.

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New hope for Argentina’s economy

It is too early for clinking glasses but former Argentine president Nestor Kirchner (RIP 2010)  will turn over in his grave if he is following current talks to IMF – Please yourself Nestor! Talks are for the sake of Argentine … Continue reading

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Argentina is no treat for vultures

No need to be all optimistic about Argentina’s economy after its latest stunt in bond-politics.

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Europe back in the Crisis?

Countries are worried about plummeting bond prices – Again.

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