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A provocative idea: linking income inequality and the subprime crisis

He was called Raghuram Rajan, the economist introducing the controversal hypothesis about a causal link between increasing income inequality and the financial crisis, at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. Advertisements

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A long story about a short position

– The doubtful transaction of short selling – Even during a financial crisis there are two sides of the same coin. The beast ruining countries, families and making people homeless; but the beauty seems to be forgotten quite often. These … Continue reading

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Company Bonds to overtake Government Bonds?

For decades, government bonds have been regarded as relatively risk-free, at least when they are issued by solid western countries. Amidst the current financial turmoil involving the US economy and the Euro-crisis, are we to witness a dramatical change in … Continue reading

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Show me your wallet and I will tell you your future.

During the financial downturn the public spotlight caught the issue of banker’s payments and generally excessive management benefit packages. Though, governments only managed to set restricting to a limited extend. The before/after comparison.

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Minimum standards of Compliance – nice try or wise decision?

Ever since the start of the Financial Crisis, everywhere around the world governments are trying to find general applicable regulations that make sure such a crisis will not occur again.

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