How brave and new is our world of finance today?

After four months of blogging on BraveNewFinance, it has now become time to look back. Can we already be able to conclude that sufficient actions have been taken? Actions that change the world of finance for a better and safer future for the markets, economies and us…the people?

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A provocative idea: linking income inequality and the subprime crisis

cited in The EconomistHe was called Raghuram Rajan, the economist introducing the controversal hypothesis about a causal link between increasing income inequality and the financial crisis, at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. Continue reading

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Germany at the risk of being raided

Germany is about to lose its biggest construction company to a Spanish rival, making it one of the largest hostile bids in years. Lax German takeover laws are basically inviting foreign companies to take over control. Continue reading

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The trigger of the crisis: Sloppy risk management?

Risk management is a systematic process of identifying and assessing company risks and taking actions to protect a company against them.” (Reference for Business)

In his previous blog post “Anticipating risks in 2011… but can we?bravenewloock emphasized how important it is for businesses to identify their risks. Following up on this post, I will take a look on how the attitude towards risks before the financial crisis played a major role in the latest economic downturn.

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A challenge for CFOs around the globe

At the latest, when one has to fill the position of a CFO or even when one is on the other side applying for such a role, the question has to be answered of what it is the job actually requires and what qualities the candidate ought to have. Continue reading

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A long story about a short position to be continued

I sell you something I don’t have. Do you agree? – This doubtful trading practice, called short selling, takes place every day in our financial markets. It is highly speculative and has even been accused for fanning the flames of the financial crisis. Continue reading

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Will business confidence in Europe attract investors?

For the economies of Germany and France, latest indicators conjured up hope for healthy and sustainable times. Their indicators for business climate climbed to record-like highs. A possible sign for investors to boost their trust in the EURO-union?
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