Bravenewfinance worldpress blog is about our financial world after the financial and economic crisis. This being the main theme, I wrote about companies and nations who dealt with the crisis as well as new threats. I was always driven to transfer the knowledge I gained to the members of my blog (at least). My ambition was to make my posts and therefore myself known to more than just my blogging group.

You can’t deny it: information technology is the new revolution. New ways of communication are invented almost every day. I am not talking about globalisation here, but about giving everyone with the right equipment the possibility to state his opinion: on a world wide basis.

Blogging is a powerful tool to make yourself visible in a world where you face competition on a global scale.


My biggest learning was the realisation of making the most out of sources from the web in combination with my own opinion. Sources seem unlimited if it comes to information: there is so much that it is up to me choosing the most appropriate one. I usually took two or three other blog posts and combining them to a synthesis with my own opinion, when responding to another’s blog post. Responding to other’s posts is the heart of our blogging group’s group work. I also created a two-people group which was helpful to state a pro/contra topic more in depth including two different personal views, topic was the introduction of the Euro in Estonia.


Topics that interested me the most were about failed companies, nation wide crisis exampling Argentina1 and an update Argentina2 as well as new forms of investment such as “sustainable” forms of investment. I structured my posts by finding an appropriate and sometimes provocative headline. A short introductory sentence was meant for catching the reader’s interest even more. After opposing two different perspectives I stated my own opinion while asking the reader about his’/her’s. The post was underlined by a picture fitting to the mood of the text, or giving even more information.

Finding a “good” source was quite easy. Good in the sense of informative and current and personal taste regarding the topic. By saying good, I mean the following:

Sources, Manual

I am a subscriber to the Financial Times Germany print edition which gives me a wide and partially in-depth perspective on very different topics. This being my basic source of topics I want to inform about, I also learned the usefulness of online videos about the respective topics. Everybody knows YouTube. Have we ever used it for anything else but entertainment? I never thought about it but was surprised how much information I could find from various sources ranging from Russian to Brazilian reporters. That means different points of view on the topics I chose. There is of course the danger of choosing only those videos which support my opinion but I tried to state both sides of the story in my posts. For example if it comes to Germany’s mid sized companys and various opinions on economic outlook. There were positive and very negative views. So I stated both.

The timeline outlines the different stages I went through developing a blog post.


I am rather surprised to announce that blogging is more interesting the more you like doing it. I can’t deny having some pleasure with my last three (1 / 2 / 3) posts. This may have something to do with me being more straightforward in my message, more provoking, but not less depending on other information. My perception of past events have changed from calling them “crisis” to calling them “challenge or even opportunity, also stating in my latest comment.


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