About Brave New Finance

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The world has changed!
Ever since a corporate dinosaur called “Lehman Brothers” has collapsed and said good bye, we as the people faced challenges of epic proportions.

Many economies and lives of people around the globe have been affected since the death of the dinosaur.

Our global financial system has been identified as being responsible for this disaster and worldwide consensus was found quickly: the world of finance as we knew it had to change drastically.

We take a look at these changes and discuss their effectiveness and impact, and also examine current events and how they will shape the future of the financial world.

About us
We are six students in “International Business” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany. The contents of this blog sprout in context of our course “Strategic Management”, led by Prof. Dr. Heinz-Erich Mueller and PhD Bruce Spear.

Our subject as well as our interests allow us to look at the financial world from an up-to-date, historical and diverse perspective. In this respect, we would like to share our views with you!


“I have just returned from a long-term internship in London where I had the pleasure to experience the world of financial markets with one of the world’s largest investment banks.
I have seen how hard financial markets were still hit by the collapse of Lehman Brothers and I have gone through the latest Euro crisis at very close range.
Therefore, I was wondering whether anything would change significantly in order to avoid such a financial meltdown again. I thus think this blog will be useful to try to answer this question in the end and to discuss recent developments – with the BraveNewFinance team and with anybody who is interested in it.”


“The financial world seems to  move on where it has been knocked off its feet in 2008. Let’s find out wether or not Finance has moved on.
Experience I made in China and Munich will help me to combine the view of two very different cultures. Together with my fellow colleagues I will contribute in penetrating the vast economic world we live in.”


“On the one hand, experienced in Controlling of a Swiss Bank, but on the other hand collected knwoledge about finance throughout different and independent industries, e.g. mining and electricity, banking, music industry and logistics.
My current life project is named: ‘The pursue of financial insight in a variety of frameworks’. In combination with a multi-culturel background, I’m going to love contributing to our BraveNewFinance team towards the quest of financial developments and resolutions, kick starting a dynamic discussion forum .”


“I’m just coming back from an internship in Tanzania, where I was helping a German engineering company to build up a corruption-proof and financially viable drinking water supply. Before, I have worked in a solar power company. Coming from these experiences, I am particularly interested in how global finance and  the capital markets are reshaping in the wake of the crisis, and how this affects people’s lifes all over the world.
To follow these issues as best as possible, I will especially be covering subjects in the fields of Monetary and Currency Issues, Financial Market Issues, and how companies have to adapt to this new business environment.



“Having performed two internships in multinational companies I have gained an insight into different fields of financial management. Living in a competitive world Finance plays a major role in anyone’s business and its importance and influence can be seen from the past three years. I’m very interested to keep an eye on major developments and actively discuss issues of the moment and the past in this blog. My personal focus will be to examine monetary policies as well as financial strategies adapted by different companies. I’m looking forward to some interesting discussions with my colleagues and with all contributors to this blog.”


“I just came back from a 6 month internship in India during which I learned a lot about its culture, economy and business behavior. Now I am particularly interested in how India and other developing countries will be able to position themselves in the world after the financial crisis. I am looking forward to discuss new developments of the capital market in this blog and hope to learn a lot from the posts and comments of my fellow authors or anyone who is interested in this subject and wants to contribute.”


4 Responses to About Brave New Finance

  1. rudi2020 says:

    Hello to everyone. Great to be onboard. Looking forward to some seriously aweseome posting.

  2. Bruce Spear says:

    This “About” page is very nice, and it would be even nicer if you introduced your team members and included photos. Also, maybe create links in a widget on the right so I could click each name and see the posts of each author in one glance?

    Also, I’m not sure about making this page your start page: I then had to hunt to find the posts, and once I found them them I had to click each one — which I quickly got tired of doing. Why not return the start page to the posts, make each short using “more”, so I can scroll done to survey all before diving in to read each? Compare to the Netvibes presentation: http://www.netvibes.com/hwr-bus-blogs#StratMan.

  3. Bruce Spear says:

    I’m also having trouble finding your “this week on …” Category …?

  4. stuerzele says:

    Hi Bruce,

    You can find our most recent Posts on our home tab and the summary of the last weeks you can access through the archive.


    Kind regards,

    Bravenewfinance Team

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