Germany and the Euro –

– the next superpower?

Yesterday, Mr. Putin – currently visiting Germany – has been talking about wishing to create a closer economical partnership between Russia and the EU.

In an Interview by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Putin makes plans of creating a free trade zone between Russia and Europe and even mentions the possibility that Russia might participate in the Euro. He believes that the Euro is on the way of being THE world currency, of which Russia is already keeping some reserves.

In a video by Russia Today they go even further: Europe, but especially Germany, will be the world’s superpower in the 21st century. Mr. Keiser, an economist, believes, that the US and UK won’t play a big role in the world economy anymore, there will be only Germany and China as those are the countries that actually base their economy not on artificial financial products but on the production of real things.

He is predicting that Germany will be an independent country again, with its own currency and central bank.

Can this really happen?

Well, Germany is and always was a producing country: World’s market leading machine and car producing companies are German. Through great trade surpluses Germany can earn a lot of money on the expense of other countries in Europe, which definitely helped getting over the crisis. Additionally, in my opinion, Germany’s government is very stabile. Even if many people are not always satisfied with the decisions politicians make, they must have done something right throughout the crisis.

Why not become the next superpower? 😉

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4 Responses to Germany and the Euro –

  1. rudi2020 says:

    Superpower – I like the sound of it. Supermerkel to the rescue!! (Lets face it, Germany is the most understated Superpower in the world. 😉

    However, in case Russians swap their Rubel, which they dont own in lots, will have even less money after the exchange. Russia in the EU not to mention having the Euro (despised by Chech people and government) is Mr Wladimir Magelomania Putin’s way of wishful thinking.

    May look different if he starts untightening restrictions on visa issues first, and lets not forget about the reasons why Turkey isn’t in the EU yet. Civil rights? Free speech?

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  3. bravenewloock says:

    Who cares about free speech as long as you have a boss who is a “flawless democrat” (at least thats how former German chancellor Schröder more than once called Putin), and who additionally, after your political career is over, can supply you with a very well paid job at Gazprom…watch Youtube to learn how that can be done!

  4. Putin calling Germany the next superpower…very interesting comment!

    I was just wondering whether we could figure out which parameters could be taken into consideration in order to detect if an economy has an economic hegemony or not.
    Besides GDP and the extent of nations being dependent on the goods of one other nation, what else could we consider for such an analysis?

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